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TCP Fuel Treatment, 1 Quart
TCP Fuel Additive, 1 Quart 73104

Since the introduction of 100LL as the main fuel for low-compression engines, Alcor has been a leader in providing pilots a fuel treatment that eliminates excess lead before it can cause fouling.  TCP is the only FAA approved product of its kind. A simple one-shot treatment with every fill-up prevents lead build-up on spark plugs and valves (recommended dosage is 1 oz. or 30 ml of TCP for every 10 gallons of leaded fuel).

Rely on the one-and-only Alcor TCP Fuel Treatment for a cleaner and smoother-running engine!

TCP is available from the following fine Alcor distributors: Aircraft Spruce, Airparts Co.AviallChief Aircraft, Lockwood Aviation Supply, Skygeek, Tex-Air, Wicks, Omaha Airplane SupplyRunway Aviation, Technolub and Superior Air Parts, Inc.

TCP syringe dispenser sold seperately. See TCP dispenser page for more information.

Note: TCP is a hazardous material; please exercise caution and read the labels. To view Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), click on “Manual” on the above menu.